Should one apply for the visas before actually starting the journey? Well, we decided to apply for the visas for the first three countries where we are going to need them from home. Mainly, because we have heard from other travelers that their applications have been rejected or that they had problems getting the visas more

Front view

Almost ready…

Yes, we are almost ready to go – honestly! We have got the visa, the motorcycles are almost ready and have gone through some major maintainance and modifications (here you can have  a look at the modifications on the F650GS – R1150GS to come… supplement: the 1150 modifications are online now). But we got completely more

Travel preparations – out to-do-list …

We have been asked to share our to-do-list on the website. Below you find it with all the things that we had to do and issues that had to be sorted out before we could actually leave: define departure date (roughly) define route (roughly) quit job

Vaccinations & Health

When planning a trip like ours it is difficult to find the balance between irrational fear of dangerous diseases in foreign countries and a reasonable protection for travelling.

Only two weeks left

We were rather quiet during the last weeks, mainly because we were busy with preparations and sorting out our lives. These weeks have cost us quite a lot of energy and were rather stressful. But now it is time for an update. Currently, our house is rather a mess: boxes with motorcycle parts and travel more

A new beginning also means parting

All the excitement around our trip, the wedding, the anticipation of new things to come has pushed other feelings aside. But now that the date where we are actually going to leave is drawing closer, and as we start to feel changes happening in our lives, other feelings suddenly surface: a little melancholy, a little more

Preparations – an update

Slowly but steady our preparations are progressing, and we can tick off on thing after the other from our to-do list. However, there is still a huge amount of work lying in front of us. The preparations for the trip itself are not so difficult – it is more all the jobs and orders from more

Cleaning out

In preparation for our big trip we want to get rid of most of our belongings – that means: clean out the cellar and garage, sort out the flat, and everything that we cannot put into storage while we are away has to be sold, given away or thrown away.

To Do List

Preparations are proceeding

Whilst the date of departure is drawing closer – we are currently planning to leave April 1, 2012 –, our travel preparations are slowly but steadily progressing. This is a short update on what has happened during the last weeks of preparation.