The Alps in Australia

Australia has some real mountains! – Quite a surprise for us after we had already travelled thousands of kilometres through the mainly flat and monotonous landscape of Australia. So, we had some great fun riding our bikes over the last kilometres through the country, on our way from Melbourne via Canberra to Sydney, all the more

Going home!

Yes, we are going home – after two years on the road our trip will end in a few weeks from now, when we leave New Zealand. These news are probably quite a surprise for some of our followers, since we had originally planned to go to South America from New Zealand. But plans have more

Tasmania – wild paradise at the end of the world

A wild island, far in the south, on the other side of the world, known for its rough climate, as penal colony, and because of the famous Tasman devil – that was basically everything we knew about Tasmania. And it was also the reason why we wanted to go there – it sounded like adventure! more

Two motorcycles on their way from Sydney to Christchurch – airfreight

From time to time, when the land ends and there is only water in front of us, we have to find an alternative mode of transport – the bikes (and we) have to continue either by plane or by boat. This was of cause also the case when we wanted to go to New Zealand. more

All the way through the south

Once more, we had to cover huge distances in Australia on our way from the West to the East – a few thousand kilometres, all the way through the south of Australia. Luckily, our route took us through quite different landscapes, and for a change, we had some variation: huge forests with giant trees, beautiful more

Hot hot and damn hot – Western Australia

45° C in the shade, the sun burned down on us merciless – and since about 300 kilometres we hadn’t really noticed a change in the landscape. We had arrived in Western Australia – hot, dusty, and only very scarcely populated. We couldn’t be bothered to stop somewhere, and to go exploring – the weather more

The red heart of Australia – Outback everywhere!

The red centre of Australia – it is the epitome of the Outback, and the heart of the country. Endless horizons, all the typical outback characteristics, farms that are as big as some countries in Europe, the heat, the red dust – it’s not only a cliché, it is reality in the red centre, “We more

Corrugations to Queensland

We were really happy, when we were finally back on the road when we had waited for our motorcycles for such a long time in Darwin. After a short detour through the Kakadu National Park, we went east on the corrugated dirt roads of the Savannah Way to Queensland – right through the famous Australian more

Finally, it has arrived - the vessel Kathrin Bay with our motorcycles on board.

Finally – our bikes have arrived!

About three weeks later than originally planned, our motorcycles finally arrived in Darwin. We had shipped them from East Timor in a container. Three weeks for a distance of only 700 kilometres. The shipping company Toll had changed the shipping schedule several times and always came up with new strange excuses; by now we really more