Only two weeks left

March 31, 2012 in Travel preparations

We were rather quiet during the last weeks, mainly because we were busy with preparations and sorting out our lives. These weeks have cost us quite a lot of energy and were rather stressful. But now it is time for an update.

Currently, our house is rather a mess: boxes with motorcycle parts and travel equipment in one corner, boxes with things for sale on ebay in the other – and in between we somehow are trying to sort out our lives and to organize our big trip. At the same time, the last projects and orders from work keep us busy, and have to be brought to an end.

We already got our visa for India, we have organized insurances, carnet, as well as the finances, and we have most of the equipment for the journey ready by now. But we are still waiting for visa news from Iran and Pakistan, and we still have to prepare the motorcycles.

Only two weeks from now we want to be ready to leave – but it is questionable, whether we will manage – we have some doubts. But what are a few days if you are planning to travel for one, two, three years….

It was great news that some of the companies, where we bought new equipment for the trip, decided to support us with discounts or products. Have a look on the page Support to see who exactly is supporting us: thank you to all of them!

And I would like to point out a new feature on our webpage. If you open the tap Newsletter on our main menu (or simply follow the link), you can sign up if you want to receive updates from us via email. We don’t have many stories to tell at the moment – but hopefully soon!