Travel preparations – out to-do-list …

April 4, 2012 in Travel preparations

To Do ListWe have been asked to share our to-do-list on the website. Below you find it with all the things that we had to do and issues that had to be sorted out before we could actually leave:

  • define departure date (roughly)
  • define route (roughly)
  • quit job
  • cancel rental agreement for appartment
  • set-up website
  • set-up social media profiles
  • organize server for online storage of documents
  • travel insurance – keep insurance at home? which insurance whilst travelling?
  • cancel contracts & subscriptions: insurances, telephone, internet, …
  • vaccinations
  • check passport / renew
  • driving licence / international driving licence
  • international motorcycle documents
  • carnet de passage
  • visa? – for which countries? – apply!
  • bussiness cards / stickers
  • banking account, get 2 credit cards, limits?
  • get road maps & guidebooks
  • GPS maps
  • photocopy & laminate documents
  • scan documents & put on server
  • motorcycle equipment: check! what has to be exchanged, what has to be purchased?
  • motorcycle maintainance: check everything, exchange wearing parts, check weak points!
  • who could look after things at home (mail, finances, etc.)? – issue certificate of authority!
  • who could send spares and other stuff when needed?
  • clean out the house, garage, cellar, … throw away, give a way, sell everything!

Of course there were more bullets on our real list – mainly things that were related to our individual and personal situation (e.g. living in different countries, getting married…). They are not listed here.