Australia – we are shocked!

After more than one year in Asia, it was a really strange feeling to be back in a country with a relatively familiar western culture. We were definitely not prepared for the shock that the contrast caused…  everything was different from what we were used from Asia: prices, culture, people, flora, fauna, weather, food, shopping… more

At the Horizons Unlimited Meeting in QLD

Since we have met at a Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting in Germany, we have always had a special connection to those meetings that exist in many countries around the world. So whenever there is a meeting taking place whilst we are travelling, we are trying to get there. And now in Australia, we made actually more

Timor Leste – our last station in Asia

While we were in Timor Leste, we were mainly busy with cleaning the motorcycles for the quarantine inspection in Australia. But we also used the chance to fix a few things that we had on our list already for a long time, we met other overland travellers, and of cause we also set off to more

Island-hopping in Indonesia

Colourful Bali, Islamic Lombok, traditional Sumbawa, mountainous Flores, and emerging Timor – the islands of Indonesia are incredibly diverse. Whenever we came to another island it felt more like entering a new country, and not just another island of Indonesia. After we had already travelled across the bigger islands, Sumatra and Java, we were now more

Java – crazy mayhem

We only wanted to go from the airport to the city centre of Jakarta – a distance of about 20 kilometres. But two hours later we were still stuck somewhere in the middle in that huge traffic jam that blocks the entire city – every day. Several times we had to stop and wait for more

Sumatra – it’s big!

Sumatra, just one island of many in Indonesia that we had planned to cross – that’s what we thought, but it turned out that we had completely underestimated the size. Sumatra is the fourth biggest island in the world, and has a length of more than 1700 kilometres (approx. the distance from Berlin to Sicily)! more

Malaysia – mixed feelings….

We look back onto our three weeks in Malaysia with mixed feelings. Did we like the country? This question is difficult to answer: we had some fantastic experiences there, but at the same time also some moments that were definitely not amongst the highlights of our trip. Recommend on Facebook Google+ Tweet about it Bookmark more

Thailand part 2 – beach life and more

We left Bangkok with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we were looking forward to Phuket where we would meet Filippo’s brother and his wife in a few days. They were coming to visit and to spend their holidays with us. But on the other hand, we were also sad to say goodbye to our more

2. Februar 2013 - Nord-Laos

One year on the road – and this is not the end

Exactly one year ago, on May 2nd, 2012 it was the day of our departure – we were finally ready to leave. We originally had planned to leave one month earlier, but all the preparations had taken longer than expected, and the last nights before we left we hadn’t slept much. But now we were more