Two motorcycles on their way from Sydney to Christchurch – airfreight

From time to time, when the land ends and there is only water in front of us, we have to find an alternative mode of transport – the bikes (and we) have to continue either by plane or by boat. This was of cause also the case when we wanted to go to New Zealand. more

Travelling on a „Washing-Machine-GS”

The water pump is a well-known weak point at the BMW F650GS. Most bikes of this model have it replaced sooner or later. The water-pump of Heike’s F650GS now failed in Thailand – after 70000 km. “Filippo McGyver” demonstrated how it can be repaired and temporarily replaced by a washing-machine. The pump of Heike’s F650GS more

Our recommendation: the Heidenau K60 Scout

Tarmac, gravel, dust, sand, mud, pot-holes, stones, grass – we basically have ridden over almost all surfaces and through all road-conditions by now – and at temperatures between 0° and 50° C. Our tyres, the Heidenau K60 Scout carried us through all this without any problems. After more than 18.000 kilometres that we have covered more

Front view

Almost ready…

Yes, we are almost ready to go – honestly! We have got the visa, the motorcycles are almost ready and have gone through some major maintainance and modifications (here you can have  a look at the modifications on the F650GS – R1150GS to come… supplement: the 1150 modifications are online now). But we got completely more

Which tyres? – Heidenau K60 Scout!

Which tyres should one choose for a trip like ours? There will be gravel, tarmac, mud, dust, sand, potholes – and more important: lots and lots of kilometres…. Therefore, our main worry was how long the tyres will last, but of course they should also have some off-road capabilities and should be stable in wet more

Filippo und die BMW R1150 GS

Our Motorcycles

Filippo’s BMW R1150 GS Actually, Filippo’s R1150 GS is not only one motorcycle, but two! How does this work? Well, on the one hand there is the first machine, which Filippo bought in 1999 new. In the meantime it has covered 180 000 km. And that is where the second GS comes into play. This more