Turkey – a diverse and hospitable country

In total, we were three weeks in Turkey – definitely not enough time for such a big and diverse country with lots of places and things to discover (at the bottom of this page you find some more pictures). Mountains, high plains, rocky and sandy coastlines, almost untouched corners, and highly populated landscapes, antique ruins,
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A motorcycle festival in Turkey

We know motorcycle festivals at home – you meet like-minded people, you talk, you have a beer or two, you tell stories of your travels or you talk about the motorcycle techniques and equipment – some rock music and BBQ: these are  normally the credentials of a motorcycle meeting or festival in central Europe. Now
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Along the mediterranean coast in Turkey

We have been travelling along the mediterranean coast in Turkey for about one week – from Izmir to Antalya. Between the beach, stunning coastal landscape and ancient ruins we took some pictures, which we would like to share with you (click on image for larger view).

Motosikletli Polis Istanbul

Istanbul is a very special place – a mixture of western and eastern culture, of chaos and beauty, of old and new – and it is a place that you should have visited at least once in your life (you find some photos of this special city on our facebook page). But for us Istanbul
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Goodbye Europe – hello Asia!

We have left Europe behind and entered Asia – first politically, when we crossed the border between Greece and Turkey, and then also geographically, when we crossed the Bosporus in Istanbul. Now we are in Asia – and we will stay on this continent until we will cross the ocean to Australia.