Island-hopping in Indonesia

Colourful Bali, Islamic Lombok, traditional Sumbawa, mountainous Flores, and emerging Timor – the islands of Indonesia are incredibly diverse. Whenever we came to another island it felt more like entering a new country, and not just another island of Indonesia. After we had already travelled across the bigger islands, Sumatra and Java, we were now more

Java – crazy mayhem

We only wanted to go from the airport to the city centre of Jakarta – a distance of about 20 kilometres. But two hours later we were still stuck somewhere in the middle in that huge traffic jam that blocks the entire city – every day. Several times we had to stop and wait for more

Sumatra – it’s big!

Sumatra, just one island of many in Indonesia that we had planned to cross – that’s what we thought, but it turned out that we had completely underestimated the size. Sumatra is the fourth biggest island in the world, and has a length of more than 1700 kilometres (approx. the distance from Berlin to Sicily)! more