Travelling South Tirol – our last Vacation

November 2, 2011 in Italy, Countries

We have been for one week to Southern Tirol / Italy and the Dolomites (where exactly you see on the map below) – with the camper and the motorcycles. It was our last vacation before we are going to make traveling our live. And at the same time, it was also the goodbye-tour for Hugo, Filippo’s beloved camping truck, which is going to be a sacrifice to our dreams, and will be sold now.

Steep cliffs, breathtaking mountain landscape, first snow on the mountain peaks, idyllic villages, combined with the trees in autumn colors – especially the for this area typical larch trees – and a crisp blue sky – this creates a panorama, of which one never gets enough.

Hiking and riding our motorcycles in this beautiful surrounding, or simply relaxing, we were able to recharge our “batteries”.

However, we had to cancel our plans to do some climbing due to the amount of snow that had already fallen. Also some of the mountain roads had quite a lot of snow at the sides, and ice on some parts forced us to go slowly.

Two of the motorcycle tours we particularly liked. You find them in separate blog posts:
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