The Border-Closing-Ceremony

It is well known that Pakistan and India are not the best friends. But nowhere else this is more celebrated than during the daily ceremony when the border between the two countries is closed just before sunset.

Goodbye Pakistan

Five weeks in Pakistan – the memories that we take with us from this country are diverse, and not necessarily positive:  many beautiful and unique landscapes – an amazing nature in the north of the country – many extremely uneducated people – many boastful and self-important people – the really precarious security situation – the more

Karakorum – Part 2

After a few days in the small town of Gilgit, where we relaxed a little bit and did some work on the bikes, we continued our journey in order to see more of Karakorum. First we went to Skardu, on a spectacular road high above the mighty, wild, and brow-coloured Indus River – an impressive more

Karakorum – Part 1

We have been travelling through the Karakorum mountain range in the north of Pakistan, between Hindukush and Himalaya now for about 1 week. The landscape here is absolutely stunning and beautiful, and we are experiencing a completely different side of Pakistan than in the plains further in the south, where it is only hot and more

Through Pakistan by train – a new adventure

The train journey from Quetta to Lahore goes over a distance of approximately 1300 km – right across Pakistan. It took us 36 hours – 36 hours, which were quite an adventure, but, to be honest, which we don’t really want to repeat – especially not with the heat during this time of the year. more

Through the wild Baluchistan

Travelling overland from Iran to Pakistan you have to cross Baluchistan. This area in Pakistan stretches along the Afghan border from the Iranian border at Taftan until a few hundred kilometers north of Quetta. Baluchistan is well known for being dangerous and not very peaceful. Almost daily there are attacks somewhere in this area, and more