The Plan

October 5, 2011 in Travel preparations, About us

What is our plan? Actually, we don’t want to commit ourselfs to a fixed plan. We want to live our dream – discover the world and its people on a motorcycle. That’s it! However, a little bit of planning is probably not a bad idea… so, here are some details:

We will first head down to Greece. Then we will leave Europe, and cross Turkey, maybe Armenia and Azerbaijan, before entering Iran. Then we will travel through Pakistan to India and further on to Nepal. That is where overland travel ends – unless a miracle happens, and Burma is going to open for individual travellers with their own transport. Therefore, we will probably fly the motorcycles and ourselves to Bangkok. We will then explore Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, before heading south to Malaysia and Indonesia. In Indonesia we will do some island hopping to reach Timor Leste. And from there we will probably catch a boat or fly to Australia. If possible we also want to visit New Zealand. And from there? Let’s see how the monetary situation and the motivation is… maybe S-America, Africa, Russia…?



We are planning to start between April and June 2012 – the earlier, the better. Deadlines that we face are mainly due to visas and seasons. We will try to reach Nepal before winter starts, i.e. October 2012, then travel trough SE-Asia during the next months, and enter Australia in southern-hemisphere summer, around New Year 2013. And about one year after we have started, we may reach New Zealand before the local winter starts.

Soon, we will publish here further information regarding visa, finances, vaccinations, … watch this space.