Going home!

Yes, we are going home – after two years on the road our trip will end in a few weeks from now, when we leave New Zealand. These news are probably quite a surprise for some of our followers, since we had originally planned to go to South America from New Zealand. But plans have
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2. Februar 2013 - Nord-Laos

One year on the road – and this is not the end

Exactly one year ago, on May 2nd, 2012 it was the day of our departure – we were finally ready to leave. We originally had planned to leave one month earlier, but all the preparations had taken longer than expected, and the last nights before we left we hadn’t slept much. But now we were
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A new beginning also means parting

All the excitement around our trip, the wedding, the anticipation of new things to come has pushed other feelings aside. But now that the date where we are actually going to leave is drawing closer, and as we start to feel changes happening in our lives, other feelings suddenly surface: a little melancholy, a little
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on the way to 2012

Time to reflect

Christmas – suddenly it’s there. We somehow missed the whole Advent season – there were too many things going on and stuff needed to be organized. Not only logistically quite challenging, but also emotionally. So, there wasn’t much time for reflection. We both don’t really care about Christmas (anymore) – neither for religious nor for
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I have to tell you a story…

I have to tell you a story. It is a romantic story. It is a happy story. It is a story with coincidences. It is my story. And it is now our story. … and a lot of it is the fault of two people: Grant and Susan Johnson from Horizons Unlimited.

No more heroes, no more real adventures

 or: why do you want to travel the world?   Why does one want to give up his secure life at home to travel the world on a motorcycle?