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Nepal – beautiful, but not always …

In some ways, Nepal is like India – but it is also different. If you travel from India to Nepal, you can immediately feel a sense of relieve. It is less chaotic, the people are not so obtrusive, and the traffic is not as bad. We could really feel the change right at the border. more

From Pokhara to Muktinath – our tour to the Annapurna

Most areas in Nepal have no roads, and there are not many places in the mountains that can be reached by motorcycle. One exception is the road to Jomson, and from there further on to Muktinath, next to the Annapurna range. However, even this road exists only since a few years, and the word “road” more

Through the jungle in Nepal

Nepal consists of high mountains and white peaks – that’s what we thought. So we were really surprised to find out that it has also areas with tropical jungle forests, with tigers, elephants and crocodiles. There are several national parks in Nepal, where you can experience the jungle and its wildlife. We stayed at the more