The first three weeks

May 22, 2012 in On the road

We have been on the road now for about three weeks, and slowly we are arriving in or new life of travelling. Somehow, the first days felt more like being on the run, and were rather chaotic. For example, we took some keys and bank cards with us, which we actually don’t need on the road.

After a short break with some friends in Switzerland, we traveled rather fast through the former-Yugoslavian countries, i.e. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, and from there we continued through Albania and Macedonia into Greece and further on to Turkey, where we have been now for about a week.

We have been traveling rather fast; faster than we actually liked to travel. The problem was that since we had left than planned, we felt some pressure of time because of the danger of our visas expiring. But from now on, that is from Turkey on, we want to take more time to explore the country and to meet its people.

But even though we had to rush through the first countries on our route, we had some exciting and beautiful experiences. Below you find some photos from Croatia to Greece (for larger view click on picture):

In Zadar, Croatia - visiting the "sea organ" - the organ pipes under the stones areactivated by the movement of the sea

Lunch at the beach in Croatia

In Croatia - preparing dinner at the beach

Sonnenuntergang in Kroatien

Fisherman coming back in the morning - somewhere in southern Croatia

Beautiful roads in Montenegro

Our first puncture - Heike caught it in Montenegro...

Sunset in Montenegro

Cold drinks and free internet - Filippo is happy! (in Albania)

Campsite in Albania - at the Italian Catholic Mission - a wonderful oasis in the mountains

Lunch break in Macedonia - watching the local fisherman

Travelling off-season has the advantage that you can put you tent on the beach and nobody cares.... (in Greece, Chakidiki)